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Jinxed Studios

Xy the hyena

Xy the hyena

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This is a pre designed suits you can buy. Once bought, the design of the fullsuit be made and personalized to your size. (Once bought you will also own the character.)

-The fullsuit wil come with a Head, Handpaws, Bodysuit, Zip-on Feetpaws, Tail.

-The stuffing of the suits are made with stuffing 'pouches' you can fill or remove the stuffing through a zipper.

-The vision of the heads are through the mouth, the eyes are hand painted.

Premade designs will follow the same steps as a commission, Payment for the suit (ex ship) will be made upfront, once materials have been purchased a refund will no longer be possible.

If you are interested in buying this design, please contact me through my Instagram or through my Email!

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